MVI submarine cable specialists have a combined experience of over 100 years. MVI specialists have worked for submarine fiber optic cable owners providing full oversight of the project delivery; in the factory, on the cable ship, cable landings, terrestrial cable installation, cable station preparation and commissioning. Our specialists also provide oversight on renewable energy projects and submarine power cable projects. MVI provides experienced submarine cable specialists that are responsive to the customer’s needs and have the ability to deliver to the customer’s expectations.

MVI has the personnel with the know-how to solve your problem and our professional team provides sound advice for your project’s implementation. Our specialists will serve as your representative, diligently ensuring that the quality of the service provided by your subcontractors is to the specification and scope of work in the contract.

Safety is a core function of MVI’s professionals; through their years of experience at sea and on-shore, our team maintains a situational awareness that keeps safety foremost in the daily work plan.

MVI submarine cable personnel have managed projects worldwide from the Arctic, the Americas, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Asia - Pacific. MVI engineers, Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), experienced project managers and submarine cable specialists are available to support you to achieve your project’s objectives. Our experts are qualified and have the knowledge to support you during every phase of your project.

Our project readiness allows us to provide you with customized solutions, minimize your project risks and deliver to the highest standard and quality.

Core Disciplines

  • Shallow Water Submarine Cable Surveys
  • Route Engineering
  • Site Assessment
  • Submarine Cable Route Clearance PLGR (Pre-lay Grapnel Run)
  • HDD Pipe Proving and Clearance
  • Submarine Cable Diver Preventative Maintenance Inspections
  • ROV Cable Inspections
  • Pre-laid Shore End Installation
  • Operational Field Management
  • Customer Representatives Onshore & Shipboard
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