Incorporated in 2009, MVI initially provided technical and sampling personnel and equipment to the Energy Industry in the Gulf of Mexico and overseas. In 2017, MVI increased its core staff in order to expand various business focus areas and evolved into a broad-spectrum provider of services, personnel, and equipment to support ocean and coastal projects worldwide. We are a multifaceted solutions provider working with a wide variety of industries and government agencies whose project needs are in the fields of ocean observing systems engineering and development, subsea communications, ROV operations and training, environmental consulting, marine mammal observation, offshore field operations and sampling, and the provision of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to address marine environmental issues for clients in these industries.

MVI Mission Statement

Provide our corporate, government, and military clients with access to subject matter expertise, professional and engineering services, and specialized equipment for projects in the marine environment. MVI’s structure brings together numerous specialized disciplines in the fields of ocean engineering, subsea development, protected species, coastal environmental consultancy, and ocean energy to meet a broad range of needs in maritime security, undersea technology, and offshore operations. 

Our team embodies a culture of professional diversity, dependability, safe work practices, and trustworthiness. We embrace a sense of urgency and authenticity as we work to understand our customers’ opportunities and challenges and provide quality experiences for all stakeholders through the successful completion of each and every project.

Core Services