While providing multi-disciplinary environmental solutions for coastal and offshore development projects, MVI offers our clients high quality, cost-efficient environmental consulting and project management in a wide variety of marine ecosystems. Whether offshore or at the land-sea interface, our staff have the background in scientific design, marine impact assessment, regulatory requirements, monitoring and mitigation to offer our clients quality service from project conception through the final monitoring completion report.
Our oceans and coastal waters harbor a staggering number of marine flora and faunal species, many at-risk from a substantial increase in augmentation of our nearshore habitats and installation and operation of offshore infrastructures.

The underwater construction of various engineered and man-made structures such as ports, breakwaters, power stations, marinas, and coastal residential development for the economic advancement for coastal counties, and the deepening of our waterways and maintenance of our beaches all cause severe stress to these sensitive marine ecosystems and water quality. Offshore, the continual usage of our seas for the extraction of oil and gas and harnessing of wind energy leads to further degradation to our oceans’ health.

The constant proliferation of development in and near our coastal waters and seas calls for practical solutions aimed at minimizing the detrimental influence on our natural environment. MVI specializes in creating effective approaches using all necessary operative tools to design programmatic resolutions to meet our clients’ needs.   

Our team is experienced and knowledgeable in seagrass, coral reef, oyster reefs, and nearshore hardbottom assessment, resource mapping, monitoring, restoration, and mitigation. We offer support for regulatory needs such as NEPA-compliant Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA), compliance with special conditions within state and federal permits, representation in public forms, collaborating with coastal engineers, GIS-database development, and the full spectrum of mandatory documentation.