STUART, Fla. SEPTEMBER 25, 2018 — Marine Ventures International, Inc (MVI), a provider of marine environmental and technical personnel, today announced the establishment of its Subject Matter Expert (SME) division, designed to meet the growing need for marine industry expertise associated with the recovery of offshore oil and gas. The downturn in the oil and gas market has created an upheaval that has reshaped the market’s structure. This has occurred as the regulatory environment around the world continues to become more stringent and more complex, creating a need for the specialized individuals to supplement the reduced staff of oil and gas companies in terms of experience and effort.

“Our goal is to establish a diverse team of experts in the HSSE, ocean environmental sciences, and risk management markets,” said Kevin Comer, President of MVI. “MVI’s SME division continues to attract experienced professionals who can provide the expertise needed to assist oil and gas operators with solutions to marine environmental issues.”

Individuals chosen for the SME division have extensive experience in their respective fields, having worked in the offshore industry for decades. The MVI team of experts specializes in providing timely, high-quality, practical solutions to problems that affect clients' ability to conduct business globally. SMEs have extensive technical expertise, in-depth regulatory knowledge and experience managing ecological risks. The division is capable of providing technical and regulatory support in dealing with U.S. and international regulatory agencies.

About Marine Ventures International, Inc.

Marine Ventures International, Inc. (MVI) is a registered Small Business founded in 2009 to provide high quality, marine environmental and technical personnel to support offshore projects in the US and worldwide. Our team of professionals provide services in a variety of sectors including Submarine Cable Projects, Technical & Engineering Services, Protected Species Observation, Marine Environmental Consulting, and Subject Matter Expertise.

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