If endurance had a face, it would look like protected species observer (PSO) Chris Woolridge. Chris worked six rotations aboard MMT’s offshore survey vessel Deep Helder from May to November 2020 in support of surveys for offshore wind projects in the Northeast US. He described working aboard the vessel as a “special treat.”

Chris spent several years working in the seismic oil and gas exploration industry on various PSO and Passive Acoustic Monitoring (PAM) projects, then as a Pacific longline fisheries observer during the last economic downturn. According to Chris, his hitch on the Deep Helder felt like a trip aboard a cruise ship, where he was catered to and well cared for.

At 64.8 m long, the Deep Helder is not a large vessel by industry standards, but she is relatively new (2014) and very well maintained. The galley crew was reported to be top notch, and they always served a wide variety of meals and kept the crew well fed with fresh fruit and vegetables throughout each 4-week rotation. MMT’s survey crew was also very knowledgeable and helpful with any troubleshooting involving PAM cable deployment configurations and the replacement of an infrared camera out in the field with no hesitation or problem.

The vessel crew members were eager to help PSOs spot protected marine species and went above and beyond when it came time for evasive maneuvering to avoid wildlife, and they immediately complied with necessary shutdowns for protected species incursions into the exclusion zone.

A positive experience for our PSOs on any project is a goal we at Marine Ventures International, Inc. strive for. When the PSO(s) and the survey crew work well together with mutual respect and professionalism, it is a win-win for all stakeholders involved in the project.

Marine Ventures International, Inc., a marine environmental consulting company based out of Stuart, Florida, provided the environmental personnel to conduct offshore mitigation of protected animal species and marine sound data acquisition off Rhode Island, a state located in the Northeast US.

MMT provided the Deep Helder and crew for geotechnical and geophysical surveying for the development of two offshore wind farms located several miles south of Rhode Island.

MMT has for over two decades developed and improved services for the Renewables, Oil & Gas, and Interconnector industries with high-resolution marine surveys, asset integrity, and construction support. In addition, MMT supports governments, companies, organizations, and investors in exploring the seafloor. MMT's global operations cover the North Sea, Baltic Sea, North Atlantic, the Mediterranean, Caribbean, and the US East coast. The MMT teams of highly skilled and experienced specialists are determined to provide the most committed and best service on the market. MMT develop new processes and equipment—based on the latest technology—in order to meet and exceed every client’s expectations.