Roles & Responsibilities

Glenn Hovermale has 20 years of experience within the submarine cable and oil & gas industries with specific roles in marine maintenance, cable awareness (marine liaison), permitting, regulatory management, client representation and AIS monitoring. Prior to working in undersea cables, Glenn developed and managed a sustainable seafood program at the New England Aquarium with emphasis on deep-sea ecological impacts and endemic corals. His professional career began as a NMFS observer for groundfish and shellfish in the Aleutian Islands and Gulf of Alaska.

Areas of Expertise

International commercial fisheries and shipping

Regulatory management (for system suppliers and system owners)

Physical oceanography

Cable awareness and risk mitigation

Client support and representation


Previous Experience

Mr. Hovermale has served as a Client Representative during various marine operations. Specific operations have included inshore and offshore marine survey, Pre-Lay Grapnel Run (PLGR), cable installation, post installation burial assessment surveys, cable fault repairs, post-lay inspection, and burial (PLIB) and vessel cable loading. He has been the primary coordinator for two regional cable repair and maintenance service agreements in the eastern Atlantic and Pacific. Assets related to the programs included 2-3 cable ships, submersibles, burial plows, the management of multiple regional marine depots. He also developed and managed a Marine Liaison program that included conducting site visits on behalf of system owners, supporting operational and owner permitting requirements, implementing end-to-end proactive cable awareness programs and managing the subcontracting of guard vessels. Mr. Hovermale has also provided geospatial data and engineering support for measuring risk and developing charts (ECDIS, Admiralty, NOAA).

Professional Background

Marine Ventures International, Inc., Fiber Optic Cable Subject Matter Expert for commercial fisheries and shipping, physical oceanography, regulatory management, cable awareness and risk mitigation, and client support and representation | June 2020 to present

Senior Project Manager January 2014 to present

  • Supporting project operations for new and existing systems from contract initiation through completion.
  • Provided marine industry awareness and commercial fishery expertise to cable protection programs based on AIS monitoring.
  • Investigator for system viability studies for offshore petroleum and siting of alternate energy plants.
  • Client Representative:
    • MAREA cable system survey (March through April 2016)
    • SEA-US cable system installation (March through June 2017)
    • HKA cable system survey (January through April 2018)
    • Curie cable system vessel loading (September 2018).
    • Curie cable system installation (February through April 2019)
    • PLSE installation for the Dunant cable system (March through May 2020)

Senior Maintenance Manager at TE SubCom | October 2005 to January 2014

  • Coordinator for regional maintenance and repair contracts.
  • Supported at-sea operations by serving as a supervisor during system repair operations to ensure customer satisfaction and to ensure that operations met or exceeded company and industry standards.
  • Conducted port visits on behalf of clients in the United States, South America, western Africa, Southeast Asia and Europe. The intent of the visits included studying commercial fishing gear design, distributing cable route information and meeting with hydrographic and charting organizations.
  • Provided regional commercial fishery pressure and vessel density information for system route development.

Senior Conservation Associate at The New England Aquarium | January 2002 to October 2005

  • Directed and managed several cooperative research programs in New England and throughout the Atlantic.


M.S. in Fisheries and Aquaculture from the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography, 2000. Thesis title: Quantifying fish behavior in the mouth of demersal trawls

B.S. in Biology from Elon University, 1996.

Key Publications

Hovermale, G. 2007. Evolving cable awareness programs in response to developing and experimental fisheries. Case Study paper for SubOptic conference, Baltimore, MD.

Stone, G., L. Madin, K. Stocks, G. Hovermale, P. Hoagland, M. Schumacher, C. Steve & H. Tausig. 2003. Seamount biodiversity, exploration and conservation. Case Study paper for Defying Ocean’s End Conference, Cabos San Lucas, Mexico.

Hovermale, G. Quantifying groundfish behavior in the mouth of demersal trawls. 2000. Thesis for completion of MS degree, University of Rhode Island.

DeAlteris, J.T., L. Skrobe, G. Hovermale & D. Beutel. 1999. Results of a size selective study for 15.2 cm (6.0 in) diamond-shaped and 16.5 cm (6.5 in) square-shaped codends capturing flatfish in New England waters. Completion report. 10 pp.