Roles & Responsibilities

Dr. Alan Hart has over 45 years of experience in the oceanographic and marine environmental industries.

He joined Marine Ventures International, Inc. (MVI) in April 2017 as the Executive Vice President/Senior Science. His roles focus on developing the MVI Subject Matter Expert Program and providing marine environmental consulting services.

Areas of Expertise

Marine Environmental Consulting

Offshore Energy

Offshore & Coastal Biological Assessments


Previous Experience

For over 35 years, Dr. Hart has served as a marine environmental consultant for numerous industry clients and Federal and State agencies concerning seismic, exploration, developmental, and production activities in the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, Mediterranean Sea, Sea of Okhotsk, Caribbean Sea, Caspian Seas, and offshore Alaska. He is experienced in assessing environmental impacts as they are related to biological, chemical, geological, and physical oceanography. Dr. Hart has developed experimental and sampling designs performed the statistical analyses of the data and prepared and edited the manuscripts for numerous biological assessments of offshore and coastal areas, multidisciplinary baseline studies, and ecosystem programs. He has been responsible for project management, data management, and statistical analyses for numerous baseline studies and environmental monitoring programs in connection with offshore oil and gas.

He has conducted several studies concerning predicting the environmental consequences of unintentional petroleum hydrocarbon discharges in the vicinity of sensitive biological communities. Examples of these projects are Natural Resource Damage Assessment (NRDA), including the Deepwater Horizon incident, and projects incorporating aspects of toxicity studies from the literature, literature review of the sensitive biological communities, and modeling dispersion and movement of spilled hydrocarbons.

Dr. Hart has served as Project Manager on a number of major multidisciplinary projects, including a multimillion-dollar study of offshore platforms for DOE, another major multimillion-dollar study of bioaccumulation of produced water discharges into the Gulf of Mexico performed for the Offshore Operators Committee. Other important projects include a study of the environmental impacts of deepwater oil and gas activities in the Gulf of Mexico and environmental impact studies of non-aqueous drilling fluid cuttings discharges in the Gulf of Mexico and offshore Ghana and a multimillion-dollar study of the potential impacts of cooling water discharges from offshore deepwater platforms on ichthyoplankton populations in the Gulf of Mexico.


Professional Background

CSA Ocean Sciences Inc., Executive Vice President, Science Director, Senior Scientist | 35 years



Ph.D., Oceanography, Texas A&M University, 1981

B.S., Zoology, Texas Tech University, 1973

Key Publications

Balcom, B. J., B.D. Graham, A.D. Hart, and G.P. Bestall. 2012. Benthic Impacts Resulting from the Discharge of Drill Cuttings and Adhering Synthetic Based Drilling Fluid in Deepwater. International Conference on Health, Safety and Environment in Oil and Gas Exploration and Production, 11-13 September, Perth, Australia. SPE-157325-MS.

Hart, A.D., D.B. Snyder, K.D. Spring, and R.M. Hammer. 2006. Application of Scientific Experimental Design in Monitoring Hard Bottom Habitats Associated with Areas of Beach Nourishment. Proceedings of the 19th Annual National Conference on Beach Preservation Technology February 1-3, 2006, Sarasota, Florida.

Neff, J.M., T.C. Sauer, and A.Hart. 2000. Monitoring Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon (PAH) Bioavailability Near Offshore Produced Water Discharge. Environmental Toxicology and Risk Assessment: Science, Policy and Standardization – Implications for Environmental Decisions (Tenth Volume), ASTM STP 1403. In: B.M. Greenberg, R.N. Hull, M.H. Roberts, Jr., and R.W. Gensemer (eds.), American Society for Testing and Materials, West Conshohocken, Pennsylvania.

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