Whether you need submarine cables run, have a big or small environmental marine construction project in mind, or need simple or complex marine technical and engineering support, the advantages of working with an agile small business in the marine consulting industry, like Marine Ventures International (MVI), are numerous.

One advantage is that we source general marine or specialized equipment from reliable partners. This means we are not burdened by such assets that cause overhead and maintenance costs and in the end, that saves you costs.

Another advantage of being an agile small business is that it gives us the latitude to customize a project to fit your needs rather than be constrained.

We also provide knowledgeable and tailored consultations from senior engineers, senior marine environmental consultants, environmental consultants, oceanographers, and more.

Submarine Cable Projects

According to CNN, in 1858, two battleships met in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Their mission? To link a 2,500-mile telegraph cable between the European and North American continents.

Today, we no longer use the telegraph, but we do use the internet. 380 underwater cables carry internet traffic over 745,645 miles.

We can provide consultation and manage any kind of submarine cable projects, big or small, fiber optics cables, power cables, or communication cables. We can help with startup projects or cables that need to be repaired.

Cables that are already laid can fail for several reasons. Natural disasters like earthquakes, storms, accidental human activity, and underwater landslides are constantly damaging these underwater cables, and they need to be repaired. Remotely Operated Vehicle inspections can help determine the damage.

In this environmentally conscious era, we can consult on how to attach your underwater power cables to marine renewable energy sources that come from tidal streams, tidal range, and wave energy technology.

Environmental Marine Construction

Again, in this environmentally conscious era, underwater construction techniques such as dredging, blasting, pile driving, and even the structure itself can pose dangers to protected marine life, including sea plants.

For example, according to biomedcentral.com,

"Dam-building across naturally flowing rivers tends to decrease discharge of surplus water into the sea, reduce nutrient concentration in estuaries and coastal waters, and diminish plankton blooms as well as fish landings. Depletion of nutrients and organic matter along with reduced mud and silt deposition affect benthic life on the continental shelf. Reduced mud and silt deposition leads to coastal retreat. Discharge from dams can create barriers at high or low flows, cause delays, disrupt normal behavioural routine and change the travel speed of migratory animals."

So, to make sure that the construction minimizes damage to the surrounding sea life, we can monitor and provide mitigating impacts and solutions on how to lessen the impact.

Also, if you're planning an underwater construction project, we can help you navigate the environmental regulatory needs, such as Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and any kind of mandatory documentation you may need.

Technical & Engineering Services

We are able to provide course-material and hands-on training and support for any kind of marine equipment such as ROVs and we can provide new or retrofit electrical system designs and implement those on Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS).

This agile marine consulting small business can also supply navigation, technical, oceanographic, equipment and deck personnel to support oil spill cleanup efforts and also contribute to sampling and survey programs.

For more information to find out how MVI can provide cost-effective, rapid deployment and customized solutions for coastal to offshore challenges visit our submarine cable project page, our environmental marine construction page, or our technical & engineering services page.